Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the SGS Website contains answers to some frequently asked questions.  As we encounter new items, we will add them here.

How much is the Annual Assessment?

The Annual Assessment is currently $150 per year.

What happens if a homeowner does not pay the Annual Assessment?

Per Article V, Section 1 of the Covenants, all homeowners are required to pay the assessment as agreed when they purchased the property.  Failure to pay the Assessment will result in additional collection fees and interest.   Attorney’s fees and court costs incurred by the Association (if the delinquency is severe enough to be brought to court) will also need to be paid by the homeowner.  Liens will be placed on the property (which must be cleared before the property can be sold) and the homeowner will be ineligible to serve on the Board of Directors, any committee, and may not be allowed to use common community properties.

A street light is out in the neighborhood/around the corner/near my house.  How can I get it fixed?

Street lights within the neighborhood are maintained by Dominion Virginia Power and Chesterfield County.  If the bulb is no longer working, the quickest way to get it fixed is to call Dominion Virginia Power at 888-667-3000.  If there is an area where a streetlight is needed (e.g. the area is dark and presents a safety concern), you can contact Chesterfield County for help.