The Covenants Committee for Stoney Glen South is here to assure the Association members that exterior changes to homes and/or properties in Stoney Glen South adhere to the Covenants and Community Standards documents.

All homes and property located in Stoney Glen South are part of the Stoney Glen South Association, Inc. This Association has covenants and deed restrictions governing numerous aspects of the community. These are legally binding and governed by Virginia law. These covenants are recorded at the Chesterfield County Courthouse. They include:

– Book 4087 Pages 201 to 218 entitled “Declaration of Rights, Restrictions, Affirmative Obligations and Conditions Applicable to All Property in Stoney Glen South”.
– Book 4087 Pages 219 to 250 entitled “Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of the Stoney Glen South Association, Inc. and the Reed’s Landing Corporation, a Virginia Corporation”.

As a resident of Stoney Glen South, you should be aware of what is covered in these documents since you are required to abide by them. You will find that adherence to the covenants and restrictions helps keep our community a desirable place to live. You received a copy of these covenants in the “disclosure packet” provided to you before closing on your home. If you misplaced your copy, please contact a member of the Board to request another copy or view the online version here.

If any Stoney Glen South resident notices what they believe is a covenant or deed restriction violation, they should report that to the Board for investigation. All complaints must be in writing. The identity of the complaining resident will not be disclosed during the investigation. If you would like to report an allegation of a Covenant, Architectural Review Board, or Community Standards violation, you may do so below.

Please request permission for all exterior changes to your property (home or land) from the Committee at least 30 calendar days prior to starting any work. It will save you time and effort in the long run. An ARB application may be downloaded here. Application submission information is provided there as well.

Items requiring ARB review include, but are not limited to:

  • Sheds, utility buildings, outbuildings
  • Fences
  • Tree removal of 6” or more in diameter at 2ft from ground level
  • Swimming pools
  • Decks
  • Additions to houses

Outbuilding requirements are as follows:

Note: Chesterfield County does enforce setback requirements and has required Stoney Glen South homeowners to relocate their outbuildings to conform.

  • Must be located behind rear line of house
  • Must camouflage shed with shrubs/plantings
  • Siding, trim, and shingles must match color scheme of house
  • Doors must open to side, not front, unless the shed is behind house (between side house lines, projected back)
  • Chesterfield County requires building permits for larger buildings, so please check with them to ensure compliance.

Fence requirements are as follows:

  • Chesterfield County does not allow fences exceeding 4’ in height in front of corner side yards and no fence can exceed 7’ in side or rear yards
  • Stoney Glen South Covenants limit fence height to 4’ in all locations. Fences must be of open-construction

Swimming pool requirements are as follows:

  • Chesterfield County does not allow swimming pools in front or corner side yards
  • No swimming pool wall may be within 6’ of adjacent lot
  • Chesterfield County requires a building permit

Deck requirements are as follows:

  • Chesterfield County requires building permits and certain construction details (e.g. concrete foundations for piers and metal hangers for joists)

Helpful Chesterfield County links are as follows:

  • Chesterfield County code compliance and permit requirements may be found on the Chesterfield County website.

Click here to download an ARB Application. ARB applications may be submitted either electronically via email.

Applications will be reviewed and approved/denied within 30 calendar days from date of receipt.
Should you be interested in serving on your Covenants Committee, please fill out the form below.